Track-By-Track Article (Belles and Gals)

Track-By-Track discussion of my debut EP ‘Tracks and Trails’

C You:

C You is the opening track of the EP and a song I’ve been playing for quite a while now. I knew from the early days of writing this EP that I wanted this to be the opening track as it is always the opening song in our live set and is a really upbeat enjoyable way to open from both an audience and band perspective. This song was great to write and is based upon that situation – which I’m sure most can relate to – when an individual assumes your friendship is much more than it actually is, and doesn’t take too kindly to the fact that it is very one sided.

Runaway Train:

Runaway Train was the first country song I’d ever written – hence the ‘Tracks’ part of the ‘Tracks and Trails’ EP title. Runaway Train will always be a very special song to me, despite being over a year old. It was a real moment of realisation that I wanted to be writing and performing country music; music that tells a story of real life situations that people go through daily and can really resonate with. Runaway Train is a story of a ‘lost love’, and that moment in a relationship when you realise there’s more heartache than happiness, and question whether you should “write it off or fix it up”. The closing lyric of the chorus and song, “Oh, where’s this runaway train bound, is it even coming back to our hometown” symbolises that ‘realisation’ moment in a relationship when you realise it isn’t ever going to be what is was, what you thought it was, or what you wanted it to be.


Pretty has become an overall favourite amongst myself and the band, as well as the audiences. I’m a very passionate songwriter, and this song for me is the most important in terms of sending a message out. This song is a bit of a shout out to our modern day society to just be yourself. We are all moulded into genres and strive for acceptance, however I feel like people lose themselves a little in the process of searching for that – myself included! I feel like everybody has at some point been in that position, and everybody has at some point felt a little bit lost in the world. It’s taken me a long time to find “me”, and I think if there’s one thing that everybody should remember, its that “you gotta be you!”

Secondhand Smoke:

Secondhand Smoke. Until recently, this was always our track to close the show – hence it being the closing track on the EP. This song is about moving on from anything bad in life…if it’s bad once, it won’t “taste any better than the first time” a second time round. “You can keep your second hand smoke to yourself” is simply saying not everything is worth a second shot, and that sometimes its easier to leave the past in the past and enjoy all things new!

Tracks and Trails EP:

Tracks and Trails is the first country EP I have ever written, and is so beyond special to me for a multitude of reasons! Firstly, because it’s been a way for me to write very personally and from the heart, but also in a way that any listener can hopefully relate to. It’s also been the first time I’ve recorded an EP with a full band, which in itself was one of the best experiences for all of us! We have been so lucky to receive such incredible feedback from listeners about the EP which has been such a pleasure to receive! We were lucky enough to go to Number 1 in the iTunes UK Country Charts just 48 hours after the EP was released, and Number 65 in the Overall iTunes Album Charts which was absolutely overwhelming and completely heart-warming. I am already writing new material, and we have so many exciting announcements coming up which I can’t wait to share with you! We are so thankful for everybody’s ongoing support and can’t wait to share many more exciting times with you all! Lots of love x


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