Tracks and Trails EP Review: USACountryUK

Demi Marriner is one of the newest additions to the UK country scene. Marriner is not only a singer by trade but also an excellent songwriter. Her records speak of great emotion, with her inspiring instrumental ability adding more to the her repertoire.

The EP sees influences from grammy-winning artist Kacey Musgraves and uses the same heartfelt, honest song writing style. The EP opens with ‘C You’ which is a quirky song that tells the truth about a man that is trying to cover up the fact he is heartbroken. The song itself has a sweet melody and her vocals hold a soft simplicity to it. ‘Runaway Train’ shows a different dimension to Marriner’s song writing ability, with only the need to sharpen the instrumental composition to smooth over the sketchy feel to the track. Her vocals are strong throughout the record, as she sings the lyrics of a girl suffering from a lost love.

‘Pretty’ seems like the title track off the EP with a beautiful delivery and deeply emotional set of lyrics. The use of the word ‘pretty’ is placed into a range of different situations to place different perspectives on what the word could mean. The main message behind the track is to accept who you are in life and embrace that fact. The final record on the EP is titled ‘Second Hand Smoke’ and uses a lower tone to the track. This track uses the influence of Kacey Musgraves songwriting, as Marriner uses the idea of ‘second hand smoke’ to visualise the pain behind a relationship that is not right and going back to an old love will not ‘taste’ any better.

The EP holds promise and shows the UK delving into the country music influences of the US. Demi Marriner’s EP holds great depth and emotion and sees a young artist taking her passion forward and delivering four strong tracks.


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